Refined fuels

Refined fuels

Powering your business and community

For more than 80 years, Cenex® has been the energy brand of 推荐几个靠谱的买球网站. Today, Cenex provides communities across America with TOP TIER™ gasoline and premium diesel fuels through its network of 1,450 retail locations in 19 states.

Producing fuel for your needs

As America’s largest cooperative refiner, 推荐几个靠谱的买球网站 meets your fuel needs by maximizing diesel production at its two refineries in McPherson, Kan., and Laurel, Mont. Our Laurel refinery relies on crude oil from Canada and distributes products throughout the northern tier of the United States. The McPherson refinery gets the majority of the crude oil it refines from local Kansas producers and provides fuel across the Midwest and Southern United States. For crude oil price bulletins and the owner/operator area, please visit

Fuel where you need it, when you need it

推荐几个靠谱的买球网站 taps into more than 2,000 miles of pipeline throughout the U.S. and Canada to access crude oil for our refineries and to safely move product to communities throughout America. Learn more about 推荐几个靠谱的买球网站 pipelines.

A reliable supply of fuel

推荐几个靠谱的买球网站 connects you to a dependable supply of refined fuels through a network of more than 250 product terminals with the storage capacity for nearly 3 million barrels. The additive package for our Cenex Premium Diesel fuel is injected at the terminal, ensuring quality and reliability.

How 推荐几个靠谱的买球网站 meets your energy needs

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Interested in renewable fuels?

推荐几个靠谱的买球网站 is committed to renewable fuels as one long-term solution to meet the world's energy needs.

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